Best War Movies

In a war movie a fictionalized or fact-based story is told about an actual historical war. Fighting that war, planning it, and undergoing combat within it fill the major portion of the running time. Watch best war movies of all time!

Schindler's List movie
Apocalypse Now movie
Paths of Glory movie
The Human Condition I: No Greater Love movie
Saving Private Ryan movie
Lawrence of Arabia movie
The Pianist movie
Das Boot movie
Life Is Beautiful movie
The Great Dictator movie
The Ascent movie
The Big Parade movie
The General movie
The Bridge on the River Kwai movie
Full Metal Jacket movie
Downfall movie
Braveheart movie
Inglourious Basterds movie
The Great Escape movie
Ran movie
Grave of the Fireflies movie
The Great War movie
The Best Years of Our Lives movie
Hotel Rwanda movie
The Battle of Algiers movie
The Deer Hunter movie
Devils on the Doorstep movie
Andrei Rublev movie
Come and See movie
Grand Illusion movie
Platoon movie
Rome, Open City movie
Gone with the Wind movie
Stalag 17 movie
Army of Shadows movie
Incendies movie
To Be or Not To Be movie
All Quiet on the Western Front movie
Ballad of a Soldier movie
Ivan's Childhood movie
Battleship Potemkin movie
Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War movie
Fires on the Plain movie
The War Game movie
To Live movie
Au Revoir les Enfants movie
The Cranes are Flying movie
A Matter of Life and Death movie
The Shop on Main Street movie
Barefoot Gen movie

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