Best Biography Movies

Biographical films, or biopics, depict the lives (or segments thereof) of past and present eminent, famous, and infamous people. The biopic distinguishes itself by emphasizing the person rather than a history of an era, at least in its title. The biography movie bases its claims to authenticity on research—written histories of a period, biographies, diaries, journals, paintings, architecture, fashion—often relying on and crediting the work of historical advisers. Watch best biography movies of all time!

Schindler's List movie
Goodfellas movie
Lawrence of Arabia movie
The Pianist movie
Raging Bull movie
Amadeus movie
Downfall movie
The Elephant Man movie
Braveheart movie
The King's Speech movie
Hotel Rwanda movie
The Passion of Joan of Arc movie
Andrei Rublev movie
Into the Wild movie
Life of Brian movie
Gandhi movie
Casino movie
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly movie
Ip Man movie
Michael the Brave movie
The Sea Inside movie
Aguirre: The Wrath of God movie
The Social Network movie
Patton movie
The Miracle Worker movie
Ed Wood movie
In the Name of the Father movie
Becket movie
Bonnie and Clyde movie
The Straight Story movie
Papillon movie
JFK movie
Spartacus movie
A Man for All Seasons movie
Persepolis movie
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser movie
A Beautiful Mind movie
The Fighter movie
Waltz with Bashir movie
The Insider movie
Cinderella Man movie
The Mirror movie
The Message movie
The World's Fastest Indian movie
Walk the Line movie
Finding Neverland movie
Sergeant York movie
Queen Christina movie
The Sound of Music movie
Gospel According to St. Matthew movie

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