Best Horror Movies

Horror movies take as their focus that which frightens us: the mysterious and unknown, death and bodily violation, and loss of identity. Horror films aim to elicit responses of fear or revulsion from their audience, whether through suggestion and the creation of mood or by graphic representation. Horror paradoxically provides pleasure, providing a controlled response of fear that is presumably cathartic. The main categories of horror are gothic horror, monster terror, and psychological thriller. Watch best horror movies of all time!

The Exorcist movie
Psycho movie
The Shining movie
[REC] movie
Rosemary's Baby movie
The Thing movie
Alien movie
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie
The Omen movie
Dawn of the Dead movie
A Nightmare on Elm Street movie
The Ring movie
Saw movie
Nosferatu movie
The Conjuring movie
The Conjuring 2 movie
Halloween movie
Frankenstein movie
Bride of Frankenstein movie
The Cabin in the Woods movie
Friday the 13th movie
Kwaidan movie
The Others movie
The Crazies movie
I Saw The Devil movie
Dracula movie
Night of the Living Dead movie
Shaun of the Dead movie
Haxan movie
Paranormal Activity movie
Re-Animator movie
The Blair Witch Project movie
Zombieland movie
The Fly movie
Dead Alive movie
The Evil Dead movie
Evil Dead II movie
Island of Lost Souls movie
The Haunting movie
Night of the Demon movie
Freaks movie
Hellraiser movie
Scream movie
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil movie
Insidious movie
Onibaba movie
Silent Hill movie
The Cell movie
Mirrors movie
Hour of the Wolf movie
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie
Peeping Tom movie

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