Best Movies of 1950-1959

12 Angry Men movie
Seven Samurai movie
Rear Window movie
Sunset Boulevard movie
North by Northwest movie
Paths of Glory movie
The Human Condition I: No Greater Love movie
Vertigo movie
All About Eve movie
Rashomon movie
Singin' in the Rain movie
The Bridge on the River Kwai movie
Some Like It Hot movie
Witness for the Prosecution movie
On the Waterfront movie
Wild Strawberries movie
The Seventh Seal movie
The Wages of Fear movie
Ikiru movie
Touch of Evil movie
The Great War movie
Tokyo Story movie
Diabolique movie
Strangers on a Train movie
Umberto D. movie
High Noon movie
Sansho the Bailiff movie
Nights of Cabiria movie
Ace in the Hole movie
The Young and the Damned movie
La Strada movie
Rififi movie
Ben-Hur movie
The Night of the Hunter movie
Ugetsu movie
The 400 Blows movie
The Killing movie
Stalag 17 movie
Sweet Smell of Success movie
Anatomy of a Murder movie
Throne of Blood movie
Dial M For Murder movie
Ballad of a Soldier movie
Fires on the Plain movie
A Streetcar Named Desire movie
The Life of Oharu movie
The Cranes are Flying movie
Harvey movie
A Man Escaped movie
The Burmese Harp movie

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